The Brand

The Brand
Our focused and diversified branding for the international and high-ranking positioning of the brand “TOOLEE”.

For 14 years we have been producing high-quality chains and components, in accordance with our group-wide slogan “Tradition in Dynamic Innovation”. For 14 years our chains have connected worlds and cultures. For 14 years the brand TOOLEE has united us. We are proud of our history. Over the decades, TOOLEE, as a modern and dynamic family group has grown not only in sales and earnings, but also with new product innovations, new locations, new investments and new partners. This is our objective for the future: The bigger and more international we are, the more important it is to ensure a modern and memorable appearance of the TOOLEE Group worldwide. In a globalized world, markets, due to new means of communication, are more visible, transparent and accessible. In an age of visual overstimulation and complex imagery, our strategic emphasis on our strong and concise brand name, TOOLEE, opens new avenues for success.

At the heart of the distinctive identity of our international family group, the brand “TOOLEE” is superiorly positioned. The originality of our products and services, and the dynamics of our group is well-communicated. Furthermore the brand stands for reliability, security, our success and our future and vision – therefore it is a clear identification of a forward-facing strategy!

Our long-term tradition and experience, our innovation, technology, quality leadership and our effectiveness and efficiency are clearly reflected through our consistent and modern branding of all units of the TOOLEE Group worldwide and are clearly communicated internally and externally.

As an industry leader, TOOLEE has a new challenge to secure success in its market in the future: The high-level positioning of all brands of our internationally active TOOLEE Group is not only maintained, but due to a focused and diversified branding, is also strengthened for the future. This challenge is open to all of us. All our employees and especially our partners are invited to accept this challenge and make it their own. This is an exciting and strategically important task and the responsibility rests on all of us!


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